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Dear Friend-


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This Amazing Video Extinguishes Self-Doubt, Powers Up Your Creativity, Leads You To Remarkable Solutions -- and LETS YOU INCREASE YOUR INCOME 500% IN ONE SHORT WEEK!

The human mind is an amazing thing. Research has proven if you can THINK of it, you can ACHIEVE it. And I don't just mean the minds of people like super rich Donald Trump and Bill Gates. ANYONE will increase their income 500% THIS WEEK using my Powerful Subliminal Video. You don't have to be someone special. You don't need killer motivation or ultra-marketable skills. Success WILL come to YOU when your heart, mind, and subliminal thoughts are all in sync, moving you forward with a speed and surety you've never experienced before.

Introducing The $5K Per Day Subliminal Video from, The Pioneers of Subliminal Messages Online

For more than 18 years we've been helping people just like you achieve everything they ever dreamed of through powerful Subliminal Messages. Over the years, this remarkable technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Today our ability to harness your subliminal mind is unsurpassed. When you view our specially designed video, your future suddenly becomes brighter. You feel a fire in your sole you probably haven't felt in years. Barriers to your success suddenly seem minor. Good ideas flow freely. You shake off criticism and self doubt. You soon find yourself achieving success day after day - your earnings vaulting 500% in a mere week. Yes, we have many customers who immediately start earning $5,000 per day without breaking a sweat. You could become rich, VERY rich.

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"I made $5,000 last week after using this video each day -- a 500% increase over the week before! I wish I had "$5K per day" about 40 years ago. I already gave it to all my friends. I knew there was a *secret*. My financial stress has left me. "  -Jim Allen  Beaumont, TX USA

There is absolutely no predicting how much you can achieve after viewing this Subliminal Video for only a week. While experiencing this video, you will relax to classy, professionally produced images expertly designed to trigger success generating thoughts and emotions. This happens not only in your conscious mind, but way back, far back in your subliminal mind.

You hear sounds from the primordial Rain Forest, ocean waves, sounds that have motivated humans for thousands of years. All are professionally recorded and produced for life-like fidelity and realism. Nothing else gets you to the heart of your subliminal thoughts like these potent sounds, perhaps the most powerful thought generating vibrations in the history of humankind.

Why wait? Why continue to struggle, wondering why you aren't achieving more?

Do you wonder why others can be happy, earn more, move up in their careers, and make it all look so easy? For those lucky few, it doesn't just "look" easy, it IS easy. Some people posses a strong control of their subliminal thoughts naturally. A very few are born with this ability and benefit daily throughout their lives. The rest of us, and I mean YOU, can easily LEARN to profit from your subliminal thoughts. We make it oh-so-EASY with The $5K Per Day Subliminal Video. Get Yours NOW!



Subliminal Audio Video Entertainment (SAVE) High Performance Subliminal Video Combines 4 Things:


What You See   Classy, Professionally-Produced, High Quality Video of On-Topic Images.


What You Hear   Rainforest, Ocean Waves & Other Professionally-Recorded & Produced Sounds of Nature.


What You Don't See   Hidden, Flashing Commands & Subconscious *Power Images* Flashing at 1/30-of-a-Second.


What You Don't Hear   Subconscious Hypnotic Audio Commands Hidden & Professionally Mixed In The Audio.




Is It REALLY Important? 

How important is it - really - to be in possession of an optimistic, expectant, intention-based mindset?

Is life REALLY Good?

What do you think?  Hold that thought for a minute?

What was your answer?

Did you answer -- both?  Good AND Bad?

So did most everyone else...

Do you "do what you like and like what you do"?

Is the glass "half full"?

There is a line that is crossed with each result we have in life.  Think of it like "The 50 yard line". On one side of the line is "half empty" and on the other side of it is "half full". Depending where we are on the field, we can pretty much figure out what our results will be.

Answer these questions:


Is your weight "half empty" or "half full"?
How about your wallet?  Half empty or half full?
What about your relationships?
How about your health?
What about your general *luck* in life?
What about your self esteem?
How about your looks?
"Half empty" or "half full"?
What are your results in those areas that are "half empty"?
What about the ones that are "half full"?

See what I mean?

Let's face it, we all don't have 1 hour per day for each of these issues to go meditate on a hilltop in Tibet to solve these problems. However, your bank account, concentration, health, kindness, weight, happiness, expectation, optimism and intention can all be improved each day -- every day in a row -- with Subliminal Messages from

With, you can not only solve the "issue", but you can also solve the underlying spiritual problem that created the issue in the first place. There is no question about it!!!

"This is just staggering! I can't believe how easy this is. I watch this video for 20 minutes per day on my computer before I work and my sales have gone up over 1000% in the last 30 days. People are wondering what the hell is going on here and I'm not telling anyone anything!"    -Jim Sheilds Memphis TN USA

We even back this up with a 55 day guarantee!  Who else on the planet is doing that? 

Basically; what I am saying is that you can download this AND get your money back AND keep it if you REALLY NEEDED TO, but we only experience about a 3% have a return rate because our systems work unbelievably well in *igniting the fire* inside of you -- the *fire* that may have been doused a long time ago...   and maybe still is...  (Not for long!)

UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!

Here's what I want you to do...

1- Click on this link and place an order for this video:

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2- Watch this video for 20 minutes per day in the morning (or before you get your day started) for 30 days in a row.

3- Tell us what happens to your bank account in 30 days.

4- At a worst case, you can return it and still keep the video after the trial.

5- But Hurry!!  We are ONLY going to continue the 75% off offer for just 1 more day.  Hurry!

THAT is WIN-WIN -- everything to gain and nothing to lose.  Better than that, you can give it away to all of your friends with our permission and STILL return it.  We're not flimsy, you see -- We KNOW what this will do and we are gently and lovingly taunting you to get in the game here and give it a try.




Download 5K Per Day -- Today!



When you watch and listen to 5K per day on your computer, here's what happens:


You make $5K per day and are comfortable making $5K per day. 
It's automatic and natural for you to make $5K per day.
You feel like you've been making $5K per day forever and it's the right thing to do.

This is communicated to every level of your body and mind with the "5K Per Day" Subliminal Video from

The ONLY thing you have to do is watch the video for 20 minutes per day -- ONLY 20 minutes - don't use more than 20 minutes - WARNING!

Everything else will take care of itself!

It just happens!!

Give it a shot and check it out for yourself!

Joe Vitale from the latest movie *The Secret*, had this to say about our company.

"Talk about power! Imagine seducing your customers--or anyone else you want to target---by first programming your own mind. You can perform real miracles with the detailed information here on creating your own High Performance Subliminal Messages---right on your own PC. Awesome! Get this new e-book and get yourself whatever you want - subliminally!" Dr. Joe Vitale - - Wimberley, TX

How would you like to:


RAISE your weak perceptions into STRENGTHS and BALANCE out your attitude 100%?
Become inspired by ALL people and feel a *SURGE OF LOVE* inside you that can't be contained?
WAKE UP out of your "sleep walking life" and FEEL your inner guide directing you in all areas of your life?
Feel your confidence growing in your belly so strong that all emotional pain is replaced by strength and power?
Have your fear of rejection or other people disappears and you are empowered to proactively GO FOR IT and MAKE IT HAPPEN?!!
Have all areas of your life come together in relation avoiding any one area growing disproportionately out of balance?
Actually WANT to do the right things and get 110% enjoyment from doing the right things?
Have unlimited amounts of love to share with others and don't feel "drained" after unconditionally loving other people?

How would you like for all of this to happen *automatically*?

What would it actually be like for you AFTER this happened?


Take a few seconds to consider the possibility that it CAN and WILL happen with Subliminal Audio Video Entertainment (SAVE) if you choose! 

SAVE Technology combines SSE Subliminal Audio with Flashing Subliminal Video Messages at 30 frames per second and it packs the hardest hitting "subliminal punch" ever made available!  It's so powerful that it shouldn't be used more than 20 minutes per day.



Imagine watching a SAVE Video and HITTING THE POWERBALL!!


Please let me be direct.

We began running tests with Subliminal Video in April 2006.

Once we where confident in the results, we began to give out free samples to people for various desires in May 2006. One of the samples we had given out had the command, "You've Just Won The Powerball".

It is rumored that one of the SAVE Samples that said "You've Just Won The Powerball" was forwarded to a Powerball winner...   BEFORE THEY WON IT!!

Insane?  Yes!

Impossible?  Absolutely Not!

Many less powerful techniques, like Tony Robbins Personal Power, have been attributed to HUGE Lotto, Powerball and Casino Winnings over the past 10 years.

Here's what some others have said since it's release last month:

"My life was way out of balance before I used the new SAVE Technology Video. All I did was work too much, drink too much, eat too much, watch TV too much and pass out with the TV on and do it again the next day. This Video has expanded the potential in my life in the RIGHT DIRECTION. Things are starting to happen. I'm not nervous talking to women any more. I feel comfortable in most any conversations now and am not afraid of other people. I have a new found continuous supply of energy and stamina for situations and interactions that used to wear me out. It is impossible to write all the benefits I have received from SAVE. This is a MAJOR Breakthrough for me and my life and I would recommend it to anyone who feels like they are out of balance or who feels they could get more out of life. I felt it within 30 seconds and started getting some WICKED results that dumbfounded me on the first day after using it for only 20 minutes. Thanks for saving my life and WAKING ME UP!!  MY LIFE IS 1000% MORE FUN NOW! Thank You Nelson."  Jim Connor  Des Moines, IA  USA

"...truly powerful..."

"...the next big thing..."


"...why didn't I think of this..."

" makes me feel comfortable in my skin..."

"...a great piece of electronic artwork..."

"...after 20 years of studying self-development, it all came together yesterday and "sunk in"..."

" makes me excited to be alive..."

"...seems like the whole spectrum of life is covered in this video..."

"...this brings balance to my thoughts and emotions..."

" when people look at me, they smile..."

"...the potential here is amazing..."

"...a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in my life..."

"...I've been saved..."

" that everything is back in balance, it's all starting to make sense again..."

We are pleased to be the pioneer in Subliminal Audio & Video Online and be able to assist you with many things, including:





























All of these AND MORE are covered on this one SAVE Video Download

The SAVE commands direct you to be fit, happy, healthy, in love, loved, loving, perfect, rich, sexy, strong, balanced, confident, good, comfortable, cute, important and relaxed.

You know what happens when your subconscious mind believes something...  You're going to love this!!

We've also included the hidden command that "You've Won The Powerball"!!!

Imagine What You Would Do...   !!!

This is the easiest thing to do.

Place your order and download the file.

Watch it for 10-20 minutes per session and no more.  You are getting several thousand messages sent to your subconscious mind per minute (Audio & Video).

It's Amazing!!  You will be astounded at how fast this works and how good your life will get!!

SAVE Your Life Now, Place Your Order Today, Watch The Video Today for 20 Minutes & See What Happens!

The normal price for a SAVE Technology Video is $298, but we want to get you to try one and we are discounting it 50% -- or $149 -- for this initial launch.

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You can get SAVE'D Today for ONLY $97.

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We're going to sweeten this deal for you even more!

Of course you get a 55 day money back guarantee on your order!  That's a given for anything you order from us.

The SWEET Part is that we are going to give you resale rights to this video.  You can sell as many as you want and keep all the profits. I'd recommend that you raise the price. It would also make a great giveaway too.

This is the first time this technology has ever been made available to the general public so HURRY and get yours downloaded today BEFORE WE RAISE THE PRICE BACK UP!!  We are basically giving this away to get you to try this out! After you try it, you will understand how much this is REALLY worth -- It's Priceless!!

Download Today -- 100% Guaranteed for 60 days.


Subliminal Video *automatically* Makes It Happen!

In exchange for your visit, we will give you $500 off your order of these 3 Subliminal Videos:

1-  $5K Per Day.  The legendary subliminal video everyone is talking about.

2-  Gratitude. The first requirement for wealth in all areas of life.

3-  The Good Life.  The one that started it all.

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Imagine What You Will Do...   !!!


Did You Know...


You have 100,000,000 receptors in your eyes to see with.
You have 24,000 fibers in EACH ear to hear with
You have 500 Muscles, 200 Bones & 7 miles of nerve fiber to move with
You have a heart that pumps more than 550,000 gallons of blood through 55,000 miles of veins & arteries with 36,000,000 beats each year.
You have lungs that have 550,000,000 pockets of folded flesh for you to breathe with.
Your five quarts of blood have 22,000,000,000,000 (trillion) cells which each have millions of molecules.
Each molecule oscillates more than 10,000,000 times each second.
2,000,000 of your blood cells die each second and are replaced by 2,000,000 more and this has happened since your birth.
Your 3 pound brain has 13,000,000,000 nerve cells to file away every perception that you have experienced since birth just waiting for you to recall it.
You have 4 million pain-sensitive structures to feel with. Including 500,000 touch detectors and 200,000 temperature sensors.
You stomach has acid strong enough to dissolve nails.

Now it seems to me, since we are given this much capacity, that we wouldn't want to waste it.

Did you know that YOU have CONTROL over what happens in YOUR life?

YOU are in charge -- though you might not think so or someone lied to you and told you otherwise.

YOU are the one calling the shots.

The results you get -- your call!

Your bank account -- you asked for it!


With, the only choice you have to make is to use the system or not!!!  It's not a conscious decision, all you have to consciously do is CHOOSE to use the subliminal system of your choice.  You don't have to worry about anything else but making sure you use your system each day. 

Everything else takes care of itself!!

It just happens!!


You might be skeptical and that is Perfectly OK.  Who would have ever believed that a video flashing success images and statements at 30 frames per second would get into your subconscious mind and make an impact on it? Who would have ever believed that when you increase the dollar amount on this video, the dollar amount on your bank deposits increase also?  Who would have ever believed that our subconscious mind CONTROLS everything that happens to us?

The bottom line...   it just happens!!

Just try it and if it doesn't improve your income drastically, return it for a refund!  You have 60 days to return it. No problems or questions asked.

It will "just happen" for you Today if you let it!!

Why not?

SAVE Your Life Now, Place Your Order Today, Watch The Video Today for 20 Minutes & See What Happens!

The best thing to do is to try it and tell us what happened.  You might just hit the Powerball! Either way, Your money is guaranteed! Why don't you give it a try?


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The bottom line is this...

What you believe is going to happen...   happens!

And you'll know it when you experience this.  It is like there is a magic light switch that, once turned on, gives you the keys to the vault...   it actually pulls the thing you desire to you and drops it into your lap...


With Respect,

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Subliminal Messages


Subliminal Messages


Subliminal Messages



Your 100% Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee: If youre not happy any time within 60 days from your purchase, let me know and you can have your money refunded all of it no questions asked.


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